Families Holló (Hirschberg) and Lázár

Information and pictures about families Holló (Hirschberg) and Lázár

Joachim Hirschberg - as it is written on a certificate by the Rabbinate of Léva - was born on 15. June 1790, at the village of  Garammikola (today, Mikula, part of the city of Zseliz  -  Želiezovce in Slovakia) in the house No. 30. His wife, Kati Hirschberg was born on 13. August, 1813.

Salamon Hirschberg was born on 20. October  1840,  in Léva (today Levice, Slovakia). His wife was Júlia Kohn, who was born in the village of Szügy (5 kilometers south  from Balassagyarmat.)


Gravestones of Salamon Hirschberg (on the right side) and his wife (on the left side) in the cemetery of Ipolyság (today Sahy, Slovakia)

 They married on 30. August 1864. in Szügy. They lived and raised three children there. Their fourth child, Fülöp Hirschberg was born 8 kilometers away from Szügy, in the village of Magyarnándor, on 21. October 1870.  He married Ida Frisch in the village of Alsóbodony, (today its name is Kétbodony). Ida Frisch was born in the village called Szente, on 13th November, 1871. Salamon Hirschberg also had a brother called Ignátz Hirschberg. Salamon had 6 children.

Fülöp Hirschberg had a twin sister called Sali/Rozália, who died in 1871, and a brother József (Joseph), who was born in 1872 and died in 1953. David Hirschberg was born on 12 February 1874 in Mohora, died on 25 October 1957. His wife was Etelka Stern (born in 1881, died on 16. May, 1951). They had four children:  Sárika, Margit, Sándor and László. Sárika  was born in 1914- and died in 1928 in Spanish flu (or tuberculosis). Margit was born on 8. August 1908, and perished in 1944 in forced labour in the  quarry of  Fertőrákos. The name of his husband was Lajos Lendvai, their daughter was Anikó LendvaiSándor, who was born on 16. May 1915 and worked as a pressman and László, who was born on 1918 they both died in December, 1944 somewhere around Mauthausen.   László had two children, who are still alive, János Hirschberg (born in 1940) and Peter (born in 1944). Son of Sándor, Tamás (Hegyi) Hirschberg was born on 31. March 1944 (he provided many of these informations about the family) and has a son, Tamás (born on 1st March 1987) .


Gravestone of Fülöp Hirschberg and his wife, Ida Frisch in the orthodox cemetery of Balassagyarmat


 Ida Frisch and Fülöp Hirschberg got married on 14th April, 1896. The parents of Ida Frisch were: Samuel Frisch and Fáni (or Fanni) Knöpfelmacher. Fáni Knöpfelmacher was born in Losonc (today Lučenec, Slovakia).

Wife of Samuel Frisch, Fáni Knöpfelmacher

 Ida Frisch  in the late 1880’s


Ignátz Frisch, younger brother of Ida Frisch. He was an inventor, he invented the pants he is wearing on the picture. It was special, because it was the first pants in Hungary with an elastic waistband.


Fülöp Hirschberg and Ida Frisch raised 3 children: Etelka, (she was born in the small town called Mohora, 10 kilometers from Balassagyarmat, on 27th April 1897), Jenő, (who was born in Balassagyarmat on 9th April 1899, he later became a decorator and also a handicraft, he died because of a motorcycle incident on 12th September 1938 at the Rókus Hospital in Budapest. His gravestone is located in the cemetery on Kozma Street in Budapest.). The third child was Imre, he was born in Balassagyarmat on 22th July 1906. Considering the records, he lived in the Nagyhíd (Big Bridge) Street, under the house number 17. Today that street is called Mikszáth Kálmán Street.

 Jenő Holló in the 1910’s


 Imre Holló during his military training. The picture was taken in Budapest, at the barrack on Aréna street, in 1937.


Imre Holló recieves his National Award in 1970. He was an engineer.


Etelka got married on 5th August 1919. Her husband was called Miksa Steinberg, who was a merchant. Miksa Steinberg was born on 13th August, 1891, and he was the sn of Ármin Steinberger an Emma Leopold. By the time they got married, the groom was only 18 years old, and he was already a widower. By this time the Hirschberg family lived in Balassagyarmat, on the Patvarci Street, under the house number 21. Miksa and Etelka alo raised 3 children: Dezső Steinberger (2th November 1921 – 6th December 1921), Tibor Steinberger (31th January 1923. – 16th October 1944, He was reported as a missing person in Budapest after the nazi dictator Szálasi grabbed the leadership of our country.), László Steinberger (21th March 1924. – 3rd February 1925.)


Tibor Steinberger

Etelka Hirschberg reportedly died because of lung failure on 22th January 1927, when she was 30 years old.

After her death Miksa Steinberger got married for the third time, and his 3rd wife was called Vilma Redlinger, and they had a child, a daughter named Julia. She was born at the local Hospital (which was called Mária Valéria Hospital back then) on 5th April 1929.

Miksa Steinberger died on 13th October 1942, when he was 51 years old. Cause of death: Leukemia. Place of death: Balassagyarmat, Rákóczi Street, house number 18.


Jenő Hirscberg got married on 1st September 1929. His wife was called Natalie Fürst. She was born in 1905, at the village called Tótújfalu, near Nagyszombat (Trnava). Her parents were the following: Her father: Mór Fürst, owner of a lordship, and Malvin Hirschfeld. Malvin was born in Nógrádvadkert (today it is called Érsekvadkert), on 28th November 1879. Malvin”s parent were: Adolf Hirschfeld and Anna (Nina) Klein, who got married in Balassagyarmat, on 28th August 1867.

Anna  was born in 1846, in Lukanyénye (today its in Slovakia) and died in 1905 in Vác. Her parents were: Mozes Klein and Mária (Mirjam) Fischer. Mária lived in Alsópetény and she was the child of Jakob Fischer and Lina Fischer. She died on 19th April 1897.


Tombstone of Mária Fischer


Mozes Klein was born in Balassagyarmat either in 1814 or in 1815, and he died on 2nd February, 1909. In his death certification you can read the following: „Place of death: Óvárostér (Old Town’s Square), house number 42. Age: 94. Occupation: Contractor Status: Married”.


Certain members of the Hirschberg family changed their name to Holló in 1911.


Róbert Ferenc Holló, who was born in Vienna, on 8th September, 1930. He has a french wife, and they live in the USA.

Imre Holló and Ferenc Holló in front of the Hirschberg-house (Balassagyarmat, Patvarci Street, 1936)


Ferenc Holló and his wife, between them the son of Mihály Holló, Imre and his son, Gyurika (Boston, around 2003)

Veronika Holló was born in Balassagyarmat, on 11th March of 1936, and now she lives in Caracas, Venezuela, her husband is Mozes (Max) Deutsch and his sons are David and Rafael Deutsch.




Vera Holló and Mihály Holló in the late 1940’s in Budapest


 Vera Holló and her husband, Moses Deutsch and their son, Ralphy in Caracas, Venezuela,  around 2000


Imre Hirschberg changed his name to Holló in 1917. He got married on 31th July, 1938 in Balassagyarmat. His wife was Magdolna Lázár, who was born on 5th December 1915. They held their civil wedding in Balassagyarmat, and their religious wedding ceremony in Budapest, at the synagogue on Kazinczy Street.

Parents of Magda Lázár were: Mihály Lázár (who was born on 5th March 1886. His fathers name was Herman Lázár, and his mother's name was Lotti Löbl) and Gizella Löwinger (she was born on 14th October 1892, her father was József Löwinger her mother was Regina Kohn). Mihály Lázár and Gizella Löwinger got married on 20th August, 1912.

József (Joseph) Löwinger


Magda Lázár’s brother was called László Lázár. He was born in Balassagyarmat, on 22th June 1913, and was dragged away into a labour camp in 1941, he was captured and held by the russians, and he died in Voronezh in pneumonia, in 1943. He is buried in a massgrave in Nyizsgorod. His wife was Ilonka Hartman, who lived in Budapest. Ilonka’s mother was Hermina Kohn, who also died in Auschwitz.

Imre Holló died in 1971 in Budapest, and his wife, Magda Lázár died on 26th February 2011 at the Nyírő Gyula Hospital in Budapest. She was 96 years old. Their son Mihály Holló was born on 9th November 1945. His son is Imre, who was born on 15th October 1972, and Imre’s wife is Kriszta Bana. Imre and Kriszta have two children: György (Gyurika) who was born in 2002, in Boston and Valéria (Valika) Holló, who was born on 20th December 2004 in Budapest . They live in Copenhagen.


 László Lázár,  Balassagyarmat, in the mid 1910’s

 Gizella Löwinger, Mihály Lázár, László Lázár and Magda Lázár (Balassagyarmat, in the early 1930’s)


 László Lázár and his wife, Ilonka Hartman at their wedding in 1938


Imre Holló and Magda Lázár at their wedding, August, 1938.


Mihály Lázár z'l, former chairman of the Jewish Community and his granddaughter, Julika Lázár. She was born in 1941 and died in 1944 in Auschwitz


Janika Benedek (1938 –13. 06. 1944. Auschwitz. with Julika Lázár. Janika’s mother was Erzsébet Nikolsburger, and his father was Pál Benedek, who volunteered to fought in the first World War as a footsoldier and returned crippled.


 Magda Lázár and György Nikolszburger (Nógrádi) with the baby carriage of  Mihály (Misi) Holló in 1946.


Mihály Holló visiting the gravestones of his relatives (May of 2011, Balassagyarmat)


Magda Lázár’s grandfather was József Löwinger. He served the local community for decades as a teacher at the local jewish elementary school and also as the rapporteur of the local jewish community, and even as a sachter (the man, who helps at the circumcisions). He got married three times and had 8 children. We only have information about Gizella (Mihály Lázár’s wife), and Terézia Löwinger. Terézia was born from his marriage with a woman named Regina Kohn. 

Terézia married Vilmos Hoffman. This was the second marriege for Vilmos, from his previous marriage he had 4 children: Irén, Aranka, Elza, Imre. From his marriage with Terézia they also had a child named Ervin, who died not so long ago in France.

Vilmos Hoffmann originally lived in Varsány  (village in the proximity of Balassagyarmat),  and owned several factories in Balassagyarmat producing brick, tile, broom and agricultural  machines. He also had factories in Budapest producing combs and various tools.

He left his „Broom and Brush Factory" in Balassagyarmat to Mihály Lázár (whose wife was Gizella Löwinger sister of Terézia Löwinger, his second wife)  and Sándor Nikolszburger. Sándor Nikolszburger’s wife was the daughter of Joseph Löwinger too, Aranka. Aranka’s mother was Regina Kohn, who died in Auschwitz at age of 59.  Sándor Nikolszburger’s son changed his name to György Nógrádi (Nógrádi means: someone who lives/comes from Nógrád county), and he fleed the country because of the communist rule. He went to Australia.



Workers of Hoffman's „Broom and Brush” Factory, which was by the time the picture was taken owned by Lázár and Nikolszburger. It was on Balassagyarmat, between the Kossuth and the Thököly street, 100 meters away from Rákóczi street, which is the main street of the city. The picture was taken in 1939

Magda Lázár and György Nikolszburger in front of the Nikolszburger-house.  In the window on the left side you can see Sándor Nikolszburger and his wife Aranka Löwinger with their son-in-law, writer Sándor Dallos, and in the window on the right you can see Erzsébet Nikolszburger (daughter of Sándor Nikolszburger, who died in Auschwitz in 1944 at age of 36.) and his first husband, Vilmos Köves, who was a salesman at the broom factory. (Erzsébet’s second husband was Pál Benedek). The picture was taken in Balassagyarmat on Teleki street, around 1930.


One of the 8 children of József Löwinger, Rezső (Raul). The photo was taken in August of 1963., in Balassagyarmat at the courtyard of his parent’s house on Óváros (Old Town) Square.


One of the three children of Rezső Löwinger, his son, Roland in France. 1958

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The other part of the Holló family changed his name not from Hirschberg, but from Schwarcz.

Hereby I will write down the names of those Holló family members, who changed their name from Schwarcz, and we know/have information about it.

1./ Izidor Holló was born in 1884 and she died on 13th 06. 1944 in Auschwitz. Her father’s name was Herman Schwarcz and her mother’s name was Julianna Löffler. Izidor született 1884-ben,meghalt 1944.06.13 Auschwitz,  apja Schwarcz Herman, anyja Löffler Julianna volt 

2./ Samu Holló (He was born in 1878 and died in 1944 in Auschwitz)

3. Dr Dezső Holló

These two Holló families are related, but not closely, not by blood anyway. But they both were related to the Hoffman family at same degree, making them relatives.


Izidor Holló. As far as we know he was a captain in World War I. He was born in most likely 1884 and he died in 1944 in Auschwitz. This picture was taken when he returned after the first World War. He also was one of the directors of a local bank.


József Löwinger (1852 – 1924)  had 3 wifes. As far as we know he had AT LEAST 5 children from his first marriage with Regina (Rebeka) Kohn:

1./ Margit 1883 - 1943, (her husband was Samu Bodor)

2./ Aranka (1885 - 13 . 06. 1944. Auschwitz) (her husband was Sándor Nikolszburger)   

3./ Berta  1888-1944 (Auschwitz) (her husband was Sándor Schwarcenberg, and they got married in 1909) 

4./ Gizella 1892-1944 (her husband was Mihály Lázár)

5./ Rezső:  he was born in the 1890’s, and all we learned, that he lived in Switzerland after the first World War

6./ Samu:  he also was born in the 1980’s and his wife was Aranka Hoffman who was born in 1895 and most likely died in the Holocaust, in 1944.

(Aranka’s father was Vilmos Hoffman, and her mother was Lina Samuel) We also know that the sister-in-law of Samu Hoffman was Elza Hoffman, the wife of Dr. Dezső Holló, and Elza was born in 1894 and she died around age 50 in Auschwitz. 

7./ Terézia, we already wrote down all we know about her above.           

Vilmos Hoffman got married again in an old age, and he married the sister of his own daughter’s - Aranka’s – husband. So he was not only the father-in-law, but also a brother-in-law of Samu Löwinger.

And this second marriage also made him the brother-in-law of Gizella Löwinger, who was the mother of Magda Lázár, the wife of Imre (Hirschberg) Holló.

József Lőwinger had at least 2 more children and two more wives.

His second wife was 8 years younger, her name was Márta Bein. She was born in 1860 and died in 1913.

His third wife was Emy (Emilia) Fischer, who was 17 years younger than him, and she was born in 1869 and died in 1918.

Lőwinger József was a widower for the remainder of his life (9 more years)

(We don’t have any more information about his children from these marriages)


Hereby we would like to thank to the late Mrs. Imre Holló, Magdolna Lázár,  such as to Iván Holló, Mihály Holló and Mrs. Oczot Mónika Sallai civil registrar (Mayor's Office, Balassagyarmat) supporting the research for the Holló-Lázár family tree. We also thank to Mr. Tamás Hegyi (Hirschberg) for the further details of the history of the family   

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