Death announcements

Heavy heart to announce that our sweet mother, grand-mother, great-grandmother, 


(born in Balassagyarmat, 15th September, 1922.)

  has passed away on 13th May, 2017.

May her memory be a blessing! 

We announce with pain and grieve that


(born in Érsekvadkert, 27th October, 1957),

has passed away on 22nd June 2015

Your loving memory we'll always keep.

With heavy heart we announce the death of our friend,


who was born on July 7, 1946 in Balassagyarmat

died  after a prolonged illness


We would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family

 Jewish Community of Balassagyarmat

Heavy heart to announce that our co-religionist,

who was born on Sept. 19, 1959 in Balassagyarmat
has died on Sept. 17, 2014. after a long severe sickness
We share the grief of the family:
Jewish Community of Balassagyarmat

We announce with painful heart that our beloved  friend 

MRS. GYÖRGY EISLER, MARGIT LEICHTAG, aunt Manci (born in 1924)

died on 15th November 2013.

She was followed several days later on 25th November  by her son

 TAMÁS EISLER (born in 1954)

Tamás Eisler z'l

We would like to extend our deepest condolences and sympathy for all the three members of the family

Let their souls be bound up in the bond of eternal life!

 With heavy heart we announce the death of our friend, co-religionist, 


(born in Nógrádsáp, on 5th September, 1946.) 

who died  after a prolonged illness on 31st January, 2013  in Budapest.

Jenő Eisler and Mrs. György Eisler z'l

We share the grief of the family.

Balassagyarmat Jewish Community



Heavy heart to announce that our co-religionist, supporter of our Foundation

(born in Balassagyarmat, on 18. January 1933.) 
died suddenly on 4. August 2011. in Sweden.
She left four children eiught grandchildren and a great-grandchild.
We share the grief of the family:
The István Kertész Foundation and the Jewish Community of Balassagyarmat



We would like to let everyone know the following sad news:

a visitor from Israel told us not long ago, that the last rabbi of the jewish faith community in Balassagyarmat, who was elected in 1945, after the World War, by the survivors, and who lived a very long life, died recently, his name was:




He gave his soul back to the Almighty is Jerusalem.

                                       A fiatal Kálmán Pinkhasz z’cl, az utolsó balassagyarmati rabbi

Pinkász Kálmán was born in 1917,  26th May. He was a late child. He lived in Balassagyarmat, Thököly street 4. (It was only a few steps away from the synagogue). His father, Joel Pinkász was 45 years old, and he was a merchant dealing with wood and  vessels, and his mother was Betti Steiner (40 years old), housewife.

Pinkász Kálmán later married the daughter of Dávid Deutsch rabbi, who was the leader of our town's jeshiva, and faith commune until he was dragged away in July, 1944. His father-in-law, Dávid Deutsch died in the autumn of 1944 in Dachau, and the handful of jewish citizens, who survived the horrors elected Pinkász Kálmán as their new spiritual leader.  He undertook this responsibility, and he carried this heritage until he turned 32 in  the spring of 1949, when he realised, the stalinist regime will take over Hungary, and he (along with a few other families) decided to get away from it.

 Kálmán Pinkhasz z’cl (középen) előadást tart egy jeruzsálemi zsinagógában.

Pinkász Kálmán Pinkász z’tl's (in the middle) presentment in a synagogue in Jerusalem.


For all we know, David Schwartz, the president of the local distillery, and a member of the local advisory board between the two World Wars, and Sapir Matitjahu (Miklós Szántó), who now lives in Israel, in Givat Shmuel, were among those who fled across the river Ipoly, to Czecho-Slovakia, and then to Israel. After Kálmán Pinkász left the city, the title: rabbi, ceased to exist. It was functional for centuries.





We also would like to announce here, that on 26th February, 2011,



 at age 95,

in Budapest

She was born in 1915. Her father was Mihály Lázár z’l, the last leader of the faith community before the Holocaust, and the co-owner of the Lázár and Nikolszburger Broom and Brush Factory.

Mihány Lázár was well-respected in Balassagyarmat, and he was later killed at age 58, in Auschwitz, along with his wife, Gizella Lőwinger, on the same day: 13. 06. 1944.

Everybody who knew Magda Lázár knew she was very cheerful, creative and intelligent. She  deeply loved his husband, and they had a very happy family life together. They had a son, Mihály.


            Photo: A picture from the wedding ceremony of Imre Holló and Magda Lázár (1938)


pictures from Magda Lázár and Imre Holló

They met each other in Balassagyarmat. They lived in a house at the corner, where the Teleki street and the Luther street were crossing each. Now that house is next to the Gösser Pension, on the side which is closer to the evangelical church.


             Photo: Mihály Lázár's house on the Teleki street before the second World War.

Magda Lázár was a "living cyclopedia" when it came to the history of Balassagyarmat between the two World Wars, or to the local jewish families.  She moved to Budapest with his husband in 1945, and they lived there until they died.

Dear auntie Magda!

-The taste of the matzah dumpling soup, which you invented to celebrate the Passover with, will stay with me forever. -

We will treasure you in our memories, rest in peace, and may your soul be entwined into the living: M. B.



Translated by : Majdán Béla Jr.