Spirit of Jerusalem


Spirit of Jerusalem

Opening of the photo-exhibition of Shai Ginott, Israeli photographer  in the Goldstein Hall of the Jewish Museum at Hunyadi street (former Chevra Kadisha tabernacle). 
The temporary
exhibition was opened by Mr. Ilan Mor, Ambassador of the State of Israel in Hungary.


Jerusalem the Capital of Israel was praised by the Prophets, enshrined in literature and liturgy and sung about by Hebrew poets, near and far, down through the generations.

The ancient stones of the city on which thousands of years of history left its mark and the historical places, shrines, churches all tells about the significance of this place for Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Burning light of Jeusalem: gold in the sunlight, silver in the moonlight. Only the diversity and complexity of the people who live there can rivel to this effect: descendants of many generations of Jerusalemites and people who migrated to here from the four corners of the Earth.

Photographer Shai Ginott records the heartbeat of Jerusalem, observing its life at close range and touching its delicate and colorful fabric. Together with sanctity and awe, she reveals moments of lightness and humor. She has sought and found new  places in the city, and, by letting her heart lead her, unraveled some  of the secrets of Jerusalem.

Shai Ginott was born in Jerusalem in 1958. Her photographs have appeared in many newspapers, periodicals and books. She has published several books, including the bestseller Echoes of a Landscape, which won the Gold Prize at the Jerusalem International Book Fair in 1993; It Looks to Me, Seems to Me, a book for children published in 1994; and the recent book A Place in the Heart/Jerusalem, published in 1995, from which this exhibition is a selection.

Shai Ginott teaches in various photography workshops and lectures throughout Israel. Her photographs have been displayed in exhibits in Israel and abroad, among them the Barbican Center in London and the Olympus Gallery in Tokyo. Her exhibition Nature and Landscape in Israel is being shown throughout the world under the auspices of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"Photographs which show not only what the eye beholds but the very feeling of Jerusalem..."
 (Yoram Taharlev)

Source:  Official webpage of Shai Ginott photographer (click on the link for more photos)

The exhibition is open until 10. September 2012.  We warmly welcome all those, who  is interested.

Hereby we would like to thank to the management and the prisoners of  the  Balassagyarmat Jail and Prison for their help to the exhibition!

Opening ceremony of the exhibition in pictures:



Photographed by: László Bacskó and BGYZSHK

 Press reports:



Israeli Ambassador visiting the County

– article of Henrik Hegedűs in the Nógrád County Newspaper:

Balassagyarmat-Salgótarján | Mr. Ilan Mor, Ambassador of Israel in Hungary take a one-day visit in Nógrád County on Tuesday. On his meetings in Balassagyarmat and Salgótarján they focused on building economic relations.


Diplomat of the Jewish state first visited Balassagyarmat where he had a long conversation with the local leaders such as with Mr. Lajos Medvácz Mayor and with Mr. Mihály Balla parliamentary representative of the area.

Following the meeting on the press conference Mr. Ilan Mor highlighted that he would like to be informed on which areas could it be possibe to establish connections later between investors and of the small and medium sized enterprises of the county. He emphasized the development of the agriculture in which Israel can serve as a good example. He referred to the importance of high tech and information technology. Ambassador told  that there is no magic wand in his hand but if the business relations will be established  both parties could benefit from it.


 (Photograped by Péter Gyurkó)

After this Ilan Mor visited the Jewish Museum of the Ipoly-region where he opened an exhibition of the Israeli photographer Shai Ginott.  As he praised the exhibition entitled  „Spirit of Jerusalem” he told that each persons in the world should visit Jerusalem at least once in a lifetime, the spiritual capital of Israel and experience how peacefully monoteist religions can live side by side.  The pictures well show the dual face of the city: the religious center which bring back the past and the memories and the colourful whirl of the modern settlement.  He also thanked for the citizens of Balassagyarmat how faithfully they care the six-hundred-years-old Jewish heritage of the city. Finally the Ambassador visited  the art relic cemetery.

(Photograped by Péter Gyurkó)

During the afternoon he travelled also to Salgótarján where he took part in the opening ceremony of the hologram exhibition entitled "Israel Then And Now - Fulfilling the Dream" in the Glass Hall of József Attila Cultural and Conference Center. The exhibition which demonstrates 60 years of history of the State of Israel can be viewed until 3rd July.



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