Purim 5758

12th March, 1998.

The Purim-day event of the GeSheR-HÍD Interreligious Relations & Research Center


The invitation card of the event

Photographs of the event: 



Photos by: László Reiter


The Hungarian Post Office used a special stamping during the program.




Fragment of the essay of Sándor Jonathan Szénási, entitled "The Jewish Patterns in the Hungarian Post (1945-2005)":

"On 12th March, 1998. Balassagyarmat used a special stamp in remembrance of Purim. Even the form of the stamp is zany, its a triangle. In the middle of it, there is a clown, using a ra'ashan (clapper in hebrew). On the bottom of the stamp you can see the date and the place of the release, on the left side of it, you can see the hebrew date and the name of the holiday in hungarian. On the right side, there is an inscription in hebrew language:"ad'lida b'shanat hayovel le'yisrael" , which roughly translates too: on that holiday, on which one should drink, till he/she cant tell the difference between the evil Haman and Mordechai, and it happened at the 50th anniversary of Israel. Well it seems some people really had too much fun, (or really drank too much), because somebody posted his/her letter without a regular stamp, but rather with the picture of the attache' on it."

translated by: Majdán Béla Jr.

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