Mordechai Baneth

Mordechai Baneth (1772 - 1849/50)

Rabbi Mordechai ben Jacob Baneth (Banet, Benet) z'tl was born  at Óbuda (Old Buda, Alt-Ofen, today part of Budapest)  in 1772, died at Stomfa (today Stupava, Slovakia) in  1849, or according to other sources   in 1850.  Older brother of  Ezekiel Baneth z'tl, rabbi of Nyitra (Neutra, today Nitra,  Slovakia). Nephew of Chief Rabbi Mordechai Banet z'tl of Nikolsburg (today Mikulov, Czech Republic).

He was born in Óbuda and educated by his uncle and namesake R. Mordechai Banet in the yeshivah of Nikolsburg. After his marriage to the daughter of R. Gershon ha-Kohen Stern of Batrokez he became rabbi in Szécsény and subsequently in Balassagyarmat.  In 1815 he returned to Óbuda  and assumed his father's position of dayan (rabbinic judge, vice-rabbi) for two years. Thereafter he left for Stomfa (today Stupava, Slovakia) where he served until his passing. A collection of his works was published after his death with the title of "Sefer Mordechai".


His son, Rabbi Elijah Baneth (c.1810-1895) was born either in Óbuda or in Balassagyarmat and was apparently educated by his father as were his nine siblings. An erudite scholar he lived in Nagybocskó (Veľký Bočkov, today Velyikyy Bychkiv, Ukraine, and Bocicoiu Mare, Maramures, Romania) where he passed on.





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