Mihály Lázár

Mihály Lázár (1886-1944)

Chairman of the Jewish Community, factory-owner. He was born in Balassagyarmat on 5. March 1886, died at Auschwitz on 13. June 1944.  


He was the Chairmain of the Jewish Community of Balassagyarmat, respected throughout the city, during the time of the deportation of the local Jewry.  He was the co-owner of the  "Lázár and Nikolszburger Broom and Brush Factory".

Vilmos Hoffmann mill-owner from Varsány  (village in the proximity of Balassagyarmat),  owned several factories in Balassagyarmat producing brick, tile, broom and agricultural  machines. He also had factories in Budapest producing combs and various tools.  He left his  "Broom and Brush Factory"  in Balassagyarmat to Mihály Lázár (whose wife, Gizella Löwinger was the sister of his second wife,  Terézia Löwinger) and Sándor Nikolszburger.

The plant which processed hemp mainly from the Backa-region, Southern Hungary employed dozens of workers. It was situated in the beginning of Kossuth Lajos street in the building which became later the building of the Pharmacy Center of Nógrád County.


You can find more details, photos about the history of the Lázár family here.


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