Family Grünbaum-Gonda

Family Grünbaum (Gonda) 


Dr. Henrik Grünbaum, lawyer  (1845-1901). His wife was Hermina Rosenbaum  (her father, Jakab Rosenbaum died in 1889 at age of 75 years old, her mother Leonora Kohn was born on 20 November 1829  and died on 22 May 1883.)



Their son,  Dr. Aladár Grünbaum  lawyer (born in  Balassagyarmat on 1 January 1882 - died in  Auschwitz on 13. June 1944).  His wife was Paulina Klein (born in  Balassagyarmat, on 2 July 1887 - died in Auschwitz, in 1944).  Her father was  Adolf Klein, her mother was Emma Kohn. They married  in  Balassagyarmat on 23 June 1907.


Dr. Aladár Grünbaum was one of the most famous lawyer and  virilist.  His house was opposite to the County Court House, and now it is operating as a so-called incubator house for business development (13. Rákóczi st ).

Their children:

- Dr. György Gonda (Grünbaum) (died in Auschwitz, 1944),
- Márta Grünbaum (died in Auschwitz, 1944) . She was married to dr. Andor Rozsnyai lawyer from Losonc (today Lucenec, Slovakia) in 1930, from where she was deportated  together with her family, with her son, Tamás Rozsnyai to Auschwitz. 



- László Gonda pharmacist (born in Balassagyarmat, on 27 June 1917 - died in Budapest, 9 April 2001).


He studied  in elementary and secondary schools in Balassagyarmat. He graduated as a pharmacist in 1943 in Budapest then he was working as a trainee in a local pharmacy  (Holy Spirit Pharmacy). He was in forced labor in Fülek (today Filakovo, Slovakia). He escaped from there and he was hiding in Budapest until the end of the war under the pseudonym László Rónai and working in pharmacies. He was married in 1946 and in 1964.
He was working until 1957 in the pharmacy of the Military Hospital in Budapest in the rank of captain.  Later he was working in different pharmacies, at Medimpex Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Company and at  Kőbánya Pharmaceutical Factory (today  Gedeon Richter Corp.). In 1977 he  was retired.


His son, Dr. György Gonda, (born in Budapest on 19 February 1947)

Certificated economist. Dr Gonda acquired a diploma as economist at Karl Marx University of Economics (Commercial Faculty) in Budapest in 1970, an international economic expert certificate at the same university in 1982 and Ph.D. in 1983. In 1992 he acquired the banker diploma of the National Bank of Austria. He was working 15 years with Hungarian foreign trade companies as a businessman, manager and director. From1985 to 1990 he was deputy commercial counselor of the Hungarian Trade Office in New York. From 1990 he was one of the directors of Hungarian Creditbank Rt. and one of the founders and senior economist of Exportgarancia (Eximbank) Rt. Between 1993 and 1997 he led the management consulting business division of Ernst and Young (Hungary) as partner-director.

From 1997 he was director of Management Consulting Services Department at PricewaterhouseCoopers (Hungary) and between 2001- 2003 business development director at the same firm. Since 2004 he is head of department and professor (Management Studies and Marketing) of International Business School.

He is author and co-author of numerous professional books, professional studies and publications concerning issues of world economy, finances, marketing and management.
He participated at a great number of professional and ability development trainings at E&Y and PwC.

Since 2002 he is the President of the Association of Management Consultants in Hungary (VTMSZ), member of several professional and social organizations such as the Lions Club of Budapest.

His daughter: Ágnes Gonda (born in Budapest on 19 February 1978)

Family Gonda was related to the family Kondor, also from Balassagyarmat.  Béla Kondor, cousin of László Gonda died in 2007. His son,  Péter Kondor lives in the United States, his daughter, Katalin previously lived in Argentina, and recently lives in Boston. 
The other cousin,  Imre Kondor died in the 1980s in Budapest.
Currently there is noone lives in Hungary from the family Kondor.

63 members of the family Grünbaum (Gonda) had been deportated and murdered in Auschwitz.
From all of the family just László Gonda and his two cousins  (Béla and Imre) survived the  Holocaust.

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