David Deutsch

David Deutsch (1898-1944)

Chief Rabbi David (Chaim Aron David) Deutsch z'tl  was born on 13. October 1898 in Balassagyarmat  - died in  Auschwitz, or, according to other sources, in Mauthausen, in 1944. 

Son of Chief Rabbi Joseph Israel (Yosef Yisroel) Deutsch z'tl. His twin brother was  Menachem Zvi (Manó) Deusch z'tl, chief rabbi of Vámosmikola.



In 1927 he succeeded his father as av bet din in Balassagyarmat. He served as chief rabbi of the Jewish Community of Balassagyarmat until his death in the Holocaust in 1944. 





 After his death (and World War II), his son-in law, Pinkász Kálmán z'tl followed him as the rabbi of Balassagyarmat for a while.  He published the works of Chief Rabbi Chaim David Deutsch z'tl with the title "Tevuot Goren" (Grain of the Threshing-Floor) in 1959/60 in Petach Tiqva, Israel.




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