Concert of János Bródy

8th December, 2007.

Concert of János Bródy




This article, written by Andrea Szabó was originally published in the county newspaper called Nógrád megyei Hírlap.

 Translation of the article:

Legendary songs and bands:

The citizens of Balassagyarmat were already surprised by Béla Majdán a few times, who managed to organize charity events of high standards, in case to help the István Kertész  Foundation. Iván Markó, the famous ballet-dancer, József Sas, director of the variety theater called Mikroszkóp (Microscope) were his former guests. Now the famous singer, composer, János Bródy accepted his invitation, and had a one hour long show on the stage of the local cinema. He performed all the songs, which were cherished in the memories of whole generations. Just a few example: "Filléres emlékeim" (Dime-store memories of mine); "Mama kérlek" (Mom, please); "Személyi igazolvány" (Identity card) and of course, his trademark "Ha én rózsa volnék" (If I were a rose). In honour of Bródy, the former, legendary local bands,  Minerva, Centrum, and Syren got together again. The audience responded very well to them, they received a warm welcome, when they opened - in style - with the song entitled "Újra itt van a nagy csapat" (The great team is here again). We all hope that György Deák, Károly Koltányi, Tamás Szarvas, Miklós Fábri, István Ferencz, Csaba Csolák, Endre Gaál, Ferenc Rubik, and the soul of the whole band, Sándor Kamarás will continue what they maybe never really left behind, and they will give us another great concert in the spring, as they promised.


Translation of the interview:

I am the same as I was 30 years ago

During his visit in Balassagyarmat, we managed to interview János Bródy.

- You are almost as well recognized as a member of the bands Illés and Fonográf, as you are recognized as a solo artist.

- My firstself-sufficient songs were created in the late 70's, and I performed them on the stage of my University, and at the Castle Theater. My own show was called Across the street. And in 1980 I published my first album, entitled: Hungarian Blues, and ever since it was followed by another five. Among other things, I mostly consider myself as a songwriter, I wrote the lyrics for roughly 500 songs. I also wrote songs for others, such as Zsuzsa Koncz, Jutka Halász, Zorán or the Bikini. When I work for someone else, I always try to connect with the style and the intellectuality of those, I try to compose for, because I want to be as authentic as possible. If you ask me about my own songs, I can tell you, I am the same as I was 30 years ago.

-What exactly is inside of you, what is the thing, which never changed?

- It seems the world around us changed in so many ways, but it stayed the same in the most important aspect. The relationships. Love or friendship always seems to change slower than the outside world, if they change whatsoever. And this is the key to everything.

- You say this, although even some of your friendships were ruined by the change of the world, or by the politics.

- I deeply despise all extremities. All my life I tried to understand the world surrounding us. I don't want to give in into any conviction blindly.


Translated by Majdán Béla Jr.



Photos by Nelly Kiss, 2007.

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