Commemoration of 2009

7. June 2009.


Photographed by: Gábor Dékány


Article in the county's newspaper "Nógrád Megyei Hírlap":

Commemorating the martyrs

10. June 2009.  09:43

Balassagyarmat | On 7 th June the commemorators gathered in the local jewish cemetery to their annual mourning, to remember to the horrible events that happened  65 years ago, the 6 million jews, who were slayed, among them six hundred thousand hungarian, and more than 2000 fellow countrymen from Balassagyarmat.-
They, who were brutally excluded from the nation, in which they were born, then deported into deathcamps. Sad actuality of the event was that a few days ago, there was an attack on the cemetery. The hooligans threw stones tho the tombs, broke two gravestones and toppled another three. A lot of non-jewish citizens of Balassagyarmat also participated on this event, because they felt necessary to emphasize how much they enter to their feelings. We all know, that even in the bloodiest, darkest eras they left the dead rest in peace, and it only our time is so messy, that something like this can happen.

Mr. József Bauer, chairman of the jewish community remembered to the victims, and pointed out, that the nazi ideologies are spreading again. Then Rabbi István Darvas and Cantor György Venczel recalled the memories of the martyrs. The attendance also remembered to mr. Tibor Szirtes, who died in the recent past, and they also inaugurated the gravestone of Mrs. Mór Kohn, a year after she died.

Translated by Béla Majdán, Jr. (lectored by the ed.)


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