Lajos Bakos

Lajos Bakos (Braun) (1925-1998)

He was born in Balassagyarmat in 1925, died at Budapest in 1998.

In the 1950s he was the cadre-director of a governmental company in Budapest. In the Kádár-era he was vice president of the Central Board of Hungarian Jews as it was then called "The National Representation of the Hungarian Israelites" (MIOK). During the change of the political system in 1990 he was one of the most important Hungarian Jewish official. Until his death in December 1998 he was vice president of the Eastern-European Bureau of the Jewish World Congress and president of of the Emanuel Foundation which was founded by the world famous Hungarian-born American actor, Tony Curtis.



Between 1992 and 1998 he was the chairman of the advisory board of the István Kertész Foundation which was founded to preserve the Jewish heritage of Balassagyarmat.



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